Ass­i­g­n­m­e­n­t 3

by Andrew Kobylski


This sketech began as an endless animation for assignment 2, where a is bridge animated to completion followed by water and birds to constantly move across the screen. There are a number of bridge construction games such as Poly Bridge so I decided to modify my existing sketch to allow for user input. Generate

Bridge builder

The thing I like most about this tool is that it's mathematical and has an engineering feel to it. The bridge is constructed in sequence since further steps rely on previous steps. Construction


All stages are constructed from mouse inputs. The position and curve will be influenced by the mouse position and each stage may have its own color by right clicking.
Three colors are available; black to stand out, red to really stand out (as the Golden Gate bridge), and grey for a common bridge color.

Possible designs

It is very easy to make an unrealistic bridge, some of these designs are pleasing in "impossible Cthulhu-esque angles" ways. Realistic bridges are also easy to create, however, an improvement to this tool would be the possibility to create more varied bridges.

Improvements / reflection

As mentioned, more varied bridge designs should be added. A bridge also does not lend itself very well to be placed on shirts, cases, coffee cups. A very specific audience of people in engineering may be interested in bridge designs but not many else.


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