Ass­i­g­n­m­e­n­t 3

by Tsz Kwong Marco Tong

In this project, my design program provides a space for customers to design their t-shirt by the program. The object is teenagers and lovers because this program is trendy. My inspiration is from "Deviant art" ( which is a sketch pad. There is an option about filling bubble in the sketch and the size of the circle is random. After that, I want to modify this idea and design on the t-shirt. Additionally, I think customers want more choices and add some options for them.

The background color of the t-shirt is black or white because it looks clarity. Then, there is an option about the shapes, so customers can choose by themselves. The shapes include circle, triangle, and square. Different shapes represent the different personality of customers, but it just a recommendation and customers can choose to depend on their decision. For example, people who like circle are harmony and like to provide advice for others. People who like square are hardworking and rationality. In contrast, people who like triangle are confident. I think the t-shirt can represent customer's personality and know other's personality by t-shirt.

The instruction is very simple. First of all, customers choose their shape and background color on the right-hand corner. Secondly, they can press the mouse click or keyboard (q, w, e, a, s, d, z, x, c) for the position of the shape. In addition, the size of shape will enlarge according to the time. Lastly, pressing enter for the screenshot or pressing space for the restart.

After finishing the assignment, I think I can improve the option of choosing the color of each shape. For example, the color of the circle can choose by customers. In addition, I think I can add a blank for writing a word. It's because my program is for teenagers and lovers. Lovers can add their name on the t-shirt.


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