A2 - Des­i­g­n­l­a­b Logo Gen­e­r­a­t­o­r

by Paolo Dylim


My initial source of inspiration for this project began from reading up on Stephen Wolfram's Cellular Automata (as cited by Daniel Shiffman in Nature of Code) and how that relates to the visualization of beehive formation. I wanted to somehow implement these two concepts into something that would represent a generative logo for the design lab.


My objective was to create an object that generates various grid points over time. These gridpoints would be strategically generated in order to display shapelike structures that change as the previous generation fades.


designlab poly3designlab poly4designlab poly7


The resulting project can be accessed here: p3 Sketch Folder Note: There were some compatibility issues with running my code on peep so I'd just like to share a direct link to a zip folder containing a sketch that can be loaded locally on p3+ clients instead. (located @ dlab/dlab.pde)


Stages of Development

  1. Creating a single Grid Point object that fades over time.
  2. Creating an object array that would display varying n-sided "poly-grids" over time, using the Grid Points from step 1 as the building blocks.
  3. Creating the timer as well as determining when to generate the grid

Throughout development, I realized that my design project had diverged from the original concept of a creating a simple bee-hive like grid structure, but I kept on with it after encountering some engaging results that came out unexpectedly.

Some things I'd consider doing better moving forward:

  • I would likely extend this code to create more varied shapes and not just 'n' sided polygons
  • I would've liked to add texture to the shapes
  • Smoother transitions and easing between the different shapes rather than quick blinking animations
  • I would've liked to experiment more with state transitions and coming up with more ideas to explore that specific area


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