Ass­i­g­n­m­e­n­t 2

by Matthew Gorgula

Design Lab - (Design Proposal)

In response to the brief:

Fluidity within a companies branding is an essential part of developing effective marketing within current design trends. The logo I have designed allows the user to interact with the way that the logo is displayed and seeks to carry the ethos of processing in relation to the multitude of coding methods.

Figure 1

The logo maintains its composition at different aspect ratio's and has the potential for the concept to expand for larger applications. It is fast loading, using only font type as the additional data making it perfect for online collateral. The various arrangements of the shapes could also be effectively applied to fixed media, maintaining the relationship to the brand whilst creating some additional stimulation to printed formats or online where animation cannot be applied.

Figure 2


This concept within the graphics takes inspiration from architecture and psychological space, recognising both intimate space and encourages the thinking process as a means of expanded potential. The logo provides a framework for the development of ideas, handing over the tools to the user to engage and explore both geometry and unlock spaces as the animation progresses.

The mode of development that Sol LeWitt employs to build expansive artworks is somewhat applied, but it was important for me to limit the expansiveness to more suggested methods of construction. The axis which the objects move mimic a 3D field, similar to drawing or in manner that drafting might pivot between two points, yet the 2D perspective cubes imply this function of conescutive rotational and directional movement, allowing the users imagination to come into play and manipulate space.


  1. Gaston Bachelard, Poetics of Space
  2. Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics
  3. O.F. Bollnow, Human Space
  4. Sol LeWitt, Paragraphs on Conceptual Art

Figure 3

Please see the tumblr blog for development screenshots. A selection of sketches developed during my experimentation are also shown in the sketchpad within my Peep profile.

Zip file of my final processing sketch has been uploaded to the LMS Blackboard site.


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