by Gawshika Aumkaran

Design By Gawshika Aumkaran

The Design Brief

To create a generative logo for the Design Lab, conveying the mission and appearance of the faculty; embodying it's vision and purpose. Certain requirements were needed to be considered for this design, such as the ability to be re-scaled, distinct parameters to be included in the design, as well as a set colour pallette consisting of White, Black and Yellow.

Research and Inspiration

When searching the design lab at the University of Sydney, I came across one of their disciplines: the valuable role design plays in human experience of new technologies. This focus of evolving technology can be applied to various design outputs that change to all kinds of updates, and the ability to adjust to all new features.

My inspirations consisted of photography elements and the use of circles. Photography, I believe, is an everchanging phenomena that never lose its uniqueness. For a long time, it's been a method of capturing a moment, and the production and execution of these works have developed with the evolving technology. The concept of using shapes to symbolise something bigger appealed to me. The photography that I looked into and interested me inlcuded using effects such as bokeh and lighting to enhance the colours in the work. These colours were exhibited to the same effect as the image subject itself, becoming a highlight of the artwork. One such example is a photographer who goes by the name of 'brightong'. This artist uses the colours in the lights to emphasise his artworks, increasing their impact. These are examples of his work:

Main Concept

In my design, the bright circles would be used as an impression of flashing lights and the photography effect, bokeh. They would also be used to represent the creative and bright minds of this faculty (Design Lab), and all that it offers. The constant appearance of the of the circle and their random appearace show the constant movement and change that is, design.


I began by organising each component to the animation; compartmentalising them - beginning with the design in the background, then the font adjustment in the foreground. I also had to carefully place and adjust the colours to bring about the animation's full impact. Whilst experimenting with the concept of layering circles one on top of the other, I also worked in the colour into the process. This allowed me a better understanding of what worked and what didn't. For the fading to the background, I used Tutorial 9 as a guide.

Attempt 1

I initially thought of having a white background then embellishing it with black and yellow circle. (Image 1) This version of the design looked a bit to clustered and layered upon. The fading out effect also did not work that well with a light coloured background. My initial though of using the white background was that since it was brighter, it would look more open and organised to viewers of this logo design. This in-turn did not reach my expectations

Attempt 2

(Image 2) I then tried out the inverted look to the previous idea, and went with a black background. The circles faded out of the screen much better here, and had more of the photographic look that I visualised. So, with this animation, it featured a black background with white and yellow circles blinking in and fading out. This was the final look that had come close to what I visioned for the design I was going for.

I then added in the fonts (controller). I used a thicker font for the word 'design' to distinguish between the two words as I wanted them to be side by side. To further indicate the words, 'Lab' had a capital first letter, while 'design' was in all lowercase. This effect reminded me of an apple product such as 'iPod' or a function name in processing.

When the animation is adjusted by scale, the code should allow everything to be co-ordinately shifted.


Though I had concerns of the simplicity of the design, I justified it to myself with the reasoning and thought process put in behind my idea. With the limited colours, I wasn't able to bring out the full effect that embodies my photography inspiration.

I also had a difficult time with the font at certain times blending in with the appearing circles. As an attempt combat this issue, I used a rectangle layer with a low opacity. This concerned me though that it dulled out the brightness of the circles, diminshing the 'lights flashing' effect.

The font on the processing program also at a closer view had a distorted look to it, but I was assured that this occured to many.

The difference in the layout for the processing program and peepproject brought up difficulties sharing the code for my animation among the two.

With my limited ability in processing, I created an animation to the best of my ability. With more knowledge I would be able to create a more advanced design. Overall, I was pretty content with the design and concept idea I came up with, and how it related to the idea of one of the many focused for the design lab.


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