ass­i­g­n­m­e­n­t 2

by Brittany Klaassens

For the second assignment: Animating with Code, I researched The university of Sydney's Design Lab and came accross the statement: "Research in the Design Lab focuses on three core aspects of design: the process and theory of human-centred design; the design of innovative solutions; and the use of digital products." So for this assignment, I mainly focused around the idea of threes.

So firsty I had to choose my colour pallatte. We were restricted to the colours of yellow, black and white but we could alter the opacity if we liked. Funnily enough, there was only three colours to choose from, so it stuck to my theme. I kept the black (0, 0, 0) and didnt alter it at all, I kept the yellow (255, 255, 0) and also didnt alter it at all. However, with the white (255, 255, 255) I decided to add a grayish opacity at 75%. The colours are attached as images below.

Now that I had all the colours sorted, it was time to move on to the font. Out of the assets that we were given, I chose the font Controller_Four.otf I chose the colour yellow to represent the font, and at this stage I wanted the background to be black. The outcome is attached as an image below.

Now that I had the colours, background and font sorted it was time to figure out what my animation would be. The program that gave me the most inspiration was a simple bounce program:

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/**@peep sketchcode */
float x = 100;
float y = 100;
float xspeed = 1;
float yspeed = 2.3;
void setup() {
void draw() {
  // Add the current speed to the location.
  x = x + xspeed;
  y = y + yspeed;
  // Check for bouncing
  if ((x > width) || (x < 0)) {
    xspeed = xspeed * -1;
  if ((y > height) || (y < 0)) {
    yspeed = yspeed * -1;
  // Display at x,y location

Obviously I wanted something more challanging than this, and so the idea of the "threes" came to mind again. I created the bounce program with three balls, but it didnt look how I wanted it to, so then I came up with the idea that if I have a lot of balls, that constantly move around that this will be more challanging. After reading the Process Compendium I decided that the balls should not just go through each other, that when they collide then they should change direction. This also is a representation of the three missions of the Design Lab bouncing off each other to create ideas. Sticking with the "three" theme, I decided to have only three different sized balls throughout the animation, each representing one of the missions of the Design Lab.

Scaled versions of my assignment are attached as images below.


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