imi­c­8­1­2­5­_­a­s­s­e­s­s­m­e­n­t 1

by Isabella Micallef

Inspiration My inspiration for this design was the children book 'The Rainbow Fish.' I liked the illusatration of the fish as it had different coloured scales which were unqiue to its design. In order to highlight the unique colours, I decided to focus my design on changing the colours of the scales, everytime it is played.

Another point of inspiration for this brief, was the issue of current plastic pollutin within our oceans, and how a marine animal with such colour is currently endangered and soon will loose all its colour due to sickness.

Design Brief My design relates to the design brief, as the fish's scale relates to energy due to the vibrant colours and the multicolour effect which plays, when the code is replayed. The design can be printed on a large amount of apparel due to its simple design. Several aspects of the design can also be printed onto apparel such as the scales. Although, the design relates to energy and movement the design of the fish can also be used in balance and harmony due to the fish being a symbol of harmony. The fish's scales are visually appealing to the eye thus can be seen as relaxing.

Design Process * This was apart of my experimentation process in which I was looking at different ways I wanted the scales to look, there was the option to have no strokeweight with several circles or to have a black, thin strokeweight with a smaller amount of cirlces inside. *Throughout the design process, I added different technical elements in order for the fish to look more realistic, I also tried to add elements which would alllow the bubbles to move, this was used by a loop which allowed the bubble to be rezied when played.

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/** @peep sketchcode */ 
/** @peep sketchcode */ 
background(0,102,204); //Background set to blue 
ellipseMode(RADIUS); // Set ellipseMode to RADIUS
noFill();  // Set fill to transparent
ellipse(200, 150, 95, 60);  // Draw transparent ellipse using RADIUS mode
//Setting the ellipse to be apart of the fish as an eye. 
fill(0); //Set fill to black 
for(int i = 110; i <= 195; i += 20) {
  for(int x = 272; x > i; x -= 25) {
    for(int y = 20; y >= 5; y -= 7) {
      fill(random(255), random(255), random(255)); //Colours set random
      ellipse(x, i, y, y);
  //Add a triangle with no fill as the fish's tail 
//strokeWeight added to the fish's mouth, use of ellipse
ellipse(129,178,13,1.8); //Ellipse--> fish's mouth
//Add bubbles
int l = 120; //If the variable i is larger than 1000, the bubbles will be applied.
if (x > 100) {
//Loop to change size of bubble
for (int l = 40; x <width; x += 20) {
  for (int y = 60; y <height; y += 150){ 
    float r = random(20, 5);


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