ass­e­s­s­m­e­n­t 1

by Miranda Phillips
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/** Background Research
Going into this assignment I knew I wanted to experiment with the random() function in the application of altering the opacity of shapes. I was inspired by the designs on page 17 of the online book Type + Code: Processing For Designers by John Corrigan ( In which the designer has used the single letter 'T' repeated multiple times at varying sizes and opacities. I found a pattern of shapes that I liked on the website in Example 8.2 which I then combined with some excerpts of code from the various tutorials on The aim was to have each circle with a different fill/opacity that then changes every time the code is run.
/** @peep sketchcode */
void setup() 
  size (400, 400);
  drawCircle(width/2, height/2, 200);
void drawCircle(float x, float y, float radius)
  fill(0, r*10, r);
  int r = random(width/10); 
  //Code adapted from and then altered to change opacity of circles. 
  ellipse(x, y, radius, radius);
  //drawEllipse() - Runs twice. For every circle that is drawn, two smaller circles (with half the radius of the circle before) are drawn   one on each side of the circle. 
  //Continues until the radius is <=2
  if(radius > 2)
    drawCircle(x + radius/2, y, radius/2); //drawCircle() - runs twice. For every circle that is drawn two smaller circles are drawn one     on each side of the circle
    drawCircle(x - radius/2, y, radius/2);
//Reflection on outcomes
//Initially things went very badly and when trying to merge the two codes I ended up creating a continuous animation where the outlines of the circles flashed to a degree that I feel it would have the ability to trigger epilepsy it was that bad. From there I managed to stop the flashing and make the outlines of the circles randomly change in thickness every time the code is run. It was not what I had hoped my final design would be able to accomplish but I didn't manage my time very well this week with the two other assessments I had due. I am a little concerned that my design may be too simple in terms of the code used but for me it is at a level where I understand everything that is happening in the code and can follow it which I am quite proud of as I have been really struggling with getting my head around this course.


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