Good mor­n­i­n­g

by Ethan Ross

Hello, what is your name? My name is Ethan and I am a person with a full set of organs. I am able to edit this post. WOO-HOO!


    Ethan Ross a few years ago

    I am going to make one word in this sentence italic, and one of them bold, but only if that is alright with you.

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    Ethan Ross a few years ago

    Good morning (again)

    How are you?

    Not bad at all, guv'nor

    Ethan Ross a few years ago

    This tutorial is: 1+interesting 2+cool 3+definitely, 100% not boring!

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    Ethan Ross a few years ago

    Yo, check out this totally radical link, bro:

    This one also tells you how to tie a tie!

    A quote by Abraham Lincoln:

    I absolutely, positively, did not say any of the following: I love marshmallows.

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